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Default MIdi CC's - works great in envelope lane! .... BUT

displaying midi cc works great! - but - ok - in the pic you see how i record the midi controller and have the editable envelopes. Unfortunately the Item itself records those parameters, screwing up touch or write data (if I record moving midi faders while i play.) I can happily write all those parameters (in non record mode ) to editable, point lanes, perfect.... now how can i stop recording the parameters or cc's to the item and make reaper look at the track envelope lanes rather than item envelopes in the item?
1) - cc's assigned to reamidi, using the plugin parameter's learn function.
2) reamidi placed on each individual midi input lane for a multi vsti and the relevant cc's to be used selected.
Now i can access the track envelope for the new cc's
4) I then midi learn the track envelope to the right controller ( repeating the one's used in the plugin)
5) Link the controller via the parameter modulation window...

If i don't do any of this , I still get to write the envelopes but only to the item, which will let me write into again but not actually "over write" or i don't think id have this problem)
it ALMOST imitates logic (used that for 25 odd years) and could be better than it i'm sure.
I've modified so much of the rest of reaper and love it, but the midi sucks at the mo... Please help!
Mike - mac osx on 10.11.6 / latest reaper / sl25 / mackie universal / sl99pr0

ps - couldn't sort the pic - explained all above though.

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