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Default mono

My tracks are showing as mono.But I have 2 mics going. I looked at the sends and it says 2 channels so ..whats going on?? And the pull down menu that lets you choose stereo is not on the choices...??
One of the things I notice using Reaper is its easy to screw up the menus..
It would be nice to have a choice to reset the screen real estate to what is was 5 minutes before..
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The default hardware input assignment is channel 1 of whatever audio interface you have selected to connect to. Right-click on the red record arm button to find the input assignment. (Sends are for routing from one track to another. You need to assign inputs from your connected hardware to a track to record from.) You'll see stereo or mono options. Stereo simply selects two adjacent channels as a stereo pair and the audio you record in that track will be 2 track channels - ie. stereo.

The routing matrix is another view than is often quicker to assign hardware inputs as well as routing between tracks.

Tracks are universal in Reaper if you hadn't noticed that yet. You don't pick from restricted classes of tracks (source vs bus vs master) like other DAWs. You can assign routing as you wish to universal tracks.
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