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Default MIDI items - Change default value of "ignore project tempo" to current tempo.

I am sitting in front of my MIDI keyboard and get an idea for a melody. I turn off the metronome and hit record. After recording some more instruments, I want to set the project tempo to whatever tempo I recorded. Therefore, I set "ignore project tempo" on every MIDI item.

The dialog below can only be shown for one item at a time. I open the dialog, click the toggle and enter the current project tempo. This is quite tedious when there are many items.

I see a few possible solutions:
- Set the value of "ignore tempo" to the project tempo when the MIDI item is created.
- Set the value when the "MIDI item properties" dialog is opened and the option is toggled off.

I'm sure it's possible to solve this using scripting, but I believe that the current design is flawed. It might cause problems for new users and people who do not know any scripting languages.

Edit: There is an action in the SWS package that makes this easier.

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I completely agree. The only thing about Reaper I don't like is the way some parts of MIDI and timebase work.

I think another possible solution would be to have separate check-boxes.
One that says "Ignore project tempo" which would default to the built in tempo. Then another "Use x tempo" which would override the initial project tempo.

Sometimes I just open Reaper to record an idea and the initial project tempo isn't really relevant since its not necessarily being used and is way out of sync anyways. In that case the initial tempo is just a numeric placeholder for speed.
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