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Originally Posted by tusitala View Post
Hi, hoping to chime in with some little input.
Not being able to program or to offer any technical suggestion, I'm happy to offer my opinion as a quite experienced user and "score-oriented" composer:

Articulations should be "glued" to the notes themselves, not another "layer" that has to be controlled separately.

The best articulation systems in existence so far are Logic Articulation Sets (that use Articulations IDs) and Cubase's Expression Maps (only using the "attribute" function, not the direction).

for the only reason that you can select a bunch of notes, set them to "pizzicato" (for example) then move them around, copy them to a different track or different position, and they will still preserve their articulation. Pretty much like in a dedicated notation software.
Originally Posted by krahosk View Post
I agree with you tusitala.

I also think that articulations "glued" to notes should also be identified on the notes themselves for reading and editing convenience. I don't know how Cubase and Logic handle this. What I mean is it should not handle articulations on a separate window (or pane, like MIDI CC pane) to identify which note has such or such articulation is not easy on the eye, and not convenient editing-wise.

Also, since Reaper has a notation feature, articulations should be assignable in both MIDI Editor mode and notation mode.

- MIDI editor notes can either display either velocity or pitch name directly on them. I would be fantastic to display the articulation name on them too.
- The notation editor can display notation symbols. If those could be attributed to specific notes, it would be fantastic too!

I agree with Tusitala and Krahosk, this is the way I work currently but I use MIDI channels to accomplish it. These are limited to 16 channels however, and it's really not the intended usage of channels.

People may argue for an implementation similar to other existing products because that is what they are used to, but I strongly support articulations and other notation elements having a way of being embedded in the notes themselves (including, hopefully, the eventual implementation of things like crescendo markings actually being assigned to CC changes in the background)
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