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Default 'Preaching to Stones' - bit Portisheady maybe - mix comments please?

Would be grateful for thoughts on this... bit of a complex mix in a non-perfect mixing environment... how does it translate? Any glaring problems? Thoughts generally?

I think there might be the odd drum VST timing glitch, I'm trying to get to the bottom of this.

Big thanks for any feedback


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I quite enjoyed it. A nice piece with some interesting variation. Nothing unpleasant popped out at me.
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Nice laid back instrumental Mud. Okay, there were some vocals in there but I'd class that sort of part of the music.

Sounded good to me, mix wise. I also liked the overall composition as it kept me interested for the full seven minutes.

I think I heard just one one percussion glitch at 2:30 ish, but that was it really.

The cymbal crashes were loud but not too loud, and they survived conversion to MP3, so all good there.

Yeah, nice piece
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cheers guys!.. the vocals were just samples anyway...
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Almost a brush kit here but not.Does it need to be a processed Portishead skin to retain the groove? I don't care for the ride,could be sweeter more natural,I like the guitar,the chord structure (is that dulcimer?) and arrangement.I hear a production like soft rock, progressive pop,think --> The Kick inside/Never Forever/Year Of The Cat - if you know these then you know the sound... 1975 --> 1980 Andrew Powell/Stuart Elliott.
The Portishead thing? ok yes, but it has perhaps a too dark undercurrent for the melody section here...which is really quite beautiful.
You've done a great job,this just some thoughts on mix if you ever have to wrap it differently and are not sure what to try,which way to proceed...something to think about especially if there is ever a fine vocalist/lyricist involved.
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I don't hear Portishead really, but it's very good regardless. My only complaint is that, for how slow it is, the spaces between the chords seem a bit empty. I think any decent vocalist would be able to take it to a new level. I "hear" strong vocal lines throughout.
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