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Unhappy Help! - Reaper doesn't accurately record MIDI

Hello, I'm a user of Reaper 6.14v x64 on Windows 10.
My setup is:

Roland RP301 -> Midi cable/usb (cheap)interface -> PC
Korg NanoKontrol2 -> USB -> PC

I've been experiencing the following (and extremely frustrating) issue:

1. I add a track, I add a VSTi on it, and arm it for recording.
2. I can hear(monitor) perfectly what I'm playing. (no issues so far)
3. I start the recording and I'm able to listen to everything I play on my keyboard perfectly.
4. I stop the recording, go to see what has been recorded and a lot of notes are missing or stuck...

It doesn't happen every time but it's quite annoying when it happens. And lately, it has been worst. (I don't have a proper way to replicate the bug for now)

THE WORST PART? I downloaded Ableton live, and it just works perfectly.
And I've also tried other daws, and the same: Everything works ok....

So I guess it's a Reaper issue...
I love reaper, I know the UI, I understand it really well, and I would love to keep using it for my projects.
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I thought I saw a reply to this earlier today, but I don't see it now. It looks like quantization might be causing this. Make sure record quantization is off.

Actually, someone else seems to have had problems with "note off" messages being missed. Can't remember which thread it was.
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I think I found the solution. So, I was using a template and the tracks were in Record: MIDI touch-replace. Changing that to Record: input(audio-midi) apparently solves the problem. After some intensive recording session this afternoon, I'm glad to say it's solved now

FULL THREAD AT: https://www.reddit.com/r/Reaper/comm...eb2x&context=3

pd.Quantize was off.
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