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Default File organisation for optimal performance

Hi all,

I am a composer and I use Reaper with large sample libraries and virtual instruments (eg. Spitfire Audio BBC SO, EastWest Hollywood Orchestra etc.) I want to know how best to arrange my various files/ programs/ projects/ sample libraries across the various storage options I have on my computer so that they run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Storage I have:
Built-in 1TB HDD
Built-in 240GB SSD
External 4TB HDD (USB 3.0)
External 1TB SSD (USB 3.1)

So basically, on which of these drives should I store the following for optimal performance:

Windows 10 OS
My DAW (Reaper)
My Reaper project files
Sample libraries (WAVs)
Virtual instrument plugins (eg. Spitfire Audio BBC SO, EastWest Hollywood Orchestra - large instrument libraries)
Other files - documents, music, videos

I know that SSD is much better than HDD in all aspects and that the 4TB external HDD is the most 'useless' in terms of read speed, so I guess 'other files' should go on there. And I'm guessing my OS should go on the internal SSD (where it currently is). So really it's a question of where to store my music production stuff. Is there a difference between the internal and external SSD in terms of how quickly information can be retrieved from them? Anything else I need to consider?

Any info/ advice appreciated, thanks!
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Data management as it relates to performance isn't as critical as it once was because things run so much faster these days. Rule of thumb though, internal drives will provide greater throughput than external drives. But don't take that as a constant. Always a lot of variables to consider.

Where data management remains important is Disaster Recovery, i.e Backups and Restores.

It's always been best practices, when possible, to keep your executables (OS, programs, vst's etc.) on one drive, and your data (project files, audio files, etc.) on another drive.

Mixing the two is OK, but it does require a somewhat more sophisticated backup solution for cases where you want to recover your data, but not touch your executables, or vice versa, recover your OS, but not affect your data.

How are you backing things up now?
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