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Default Metadata method is poor, at this time.

I am very thankful that Reaper is incorporating metadata.

However, it will never be suitable for professionals, until:
1) Fields can be created, as needed
2) Metadata can be tweaked, AFTER the initial render is done.

Here's why this is true:
Reaper developers cannot keep up with the changing demands of music licensing, and the myriad of way people produce music with Reaper.
People use Reaper to create music for so many uses, that Reaper can't possibly anticipate knowing which fields anyone might need, at any given moment.
So, we can only the fields they offer us.

Meanwhile there are much better FREE programs that do this so much better.

Suppose, I wanted to adjust/tweak the data AFTER I rendered my perfect mix?
Reaper can't do this without having to re-render the mix.
I -DON'T- want to have to try to re-create the final mix again, just so I can change the friggin' metadata!
Free programs CAN do this to existing files.

The ONLY thing that Reaper's metadata capabilities are good for, is the basic stuff like tempo; the song length, the recording settings ("24-bit/48K", for example), and anything else that will remain an absolute constant, over the life of that music.
But that's about it.
Nothing that would hep professionals.

Everything else IS subject to change, during the lifetime of this piece of music.
Keywords may change, over time....or "descriptions", or splits, moods. "sounds like" may even change over time.

Those who license their music may have to periodically tweak their metadata info, to best suit their music..and Reaper doesn't appear to allow for that.

Meanwhile, free, dedicated programs appear to do all these things, much easier/better that Reaper, in this regard.

Your thoughts?

If I am wrong and am mis-understanding, feel free to point out the flaws in my logic.


(aka Keith Haydon)
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