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Default Alesis Multimix 4USB FX as USB Interface for Guitar Recording?

Hi, I will have to decide if I sell my Alesis Multimix on ebay and buy a Scarlett Focusrite Interface to record my guitar via USB. Can you give me your opinions on what to do? I recorded stuff on the Alesis Multimix via my amp, and it sounded bad (I played with a Roland Microcube). This could of course also be the problem of my amp.
Also, I would be happy about good (and cheap/free) amp simulators working with reaper.
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Tone Deft
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how are your room acoustics? the mic pre-amp? the mic? just kidding.

it's the Cube. the larger Roland Cube ST sounds great, I jammed with a guy in a park once with it. just him and this Cube and a Cort guitar, crazy old guy, great stories. most Cubes and mini amps are pretty bad. been to many shops looking for a Cube ST to try out, they sell out fast but some shops have their own they take out on weekends.

plug directly into your sound card with low latency (<15mS, 10mS is great) and use VSTs to get some tone out of your guitar.

if you have a guitar pedal than run through that first then into your sound card. the pedal and be turned on but with the effect turned down. it'll let your plug your guitar into stuff with fewer worries.
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