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Originally Posted by Desty Nova View Post
I've noticed that since the update, when I load a project and then I hit the space bar to start it, it doesn't start. Now I have to click anywhere in the project before it start when I hit the space bar. Same for you guys ???
where is the window focus after load?
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Originally Posted by EpicSounds View Post
where is the window focus after load?
I don't know, what I have noticed is that in the upper windows where you have the File, Edit, View, insert, etc.. tabs, the text is light instead of been bold like if I was not in the project.
I also noticed that this behaviour acts randomly, sometime I load a project and it wont start before I click somewhere on the project and sometime I load a project and it will start immediatly only by hitting the space bar (and in this case the text from upper tabs is bold) ??

What I am sure is this behaviour happens since I've updated to v5.79
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