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Default Reaper and Twitch

So this is more of a newbie Twitch question than Reaper, but it is very very basic troubleshooting, so people here probably know the solution.


I have a Scarlett Focusrite interface which I use with my PC, and when practicing guitar with GR5 or using Reaper in general, I have my headphones plugged into the interface output jack and can obviously hear the guitar signal after processing from GR5 or Reaper, or the sound playback from my Reaper project.

For making youtube videos, or streaming to Twitch, I'm instead using the computer's soundcard and plugging a different headset into the USB port of the computer, etc, and basically just "recording/streaming" desktop audio, via PC soundcard.

For twitch I use the usual software, OBS. What I'm trying to do is to add the right settings so that what I hear through the interface is used in my twitch stream so I can stream some creative stuff, or record YT footage of me talking/playing and using reaper.

All I seem to be doing at the moment though, is selecting the interface as an audio capture device, and just picking up the signal that the interface "hears" (raw, unmodified guitar/mic sounds, panned to right side mono instead of stereo) instead of what my headphones hear from the output jack.

What steps can I take to figure out how to use the interface output as the output for my recording/streaming?
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