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Daniel Grenier
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Default Does your Reaper play 60fps videos?

I am kind of new-ish to videos in Reaper and it just won't play videos shot at 60fps (frames per second) at 4K. Lots of choppiness and jittering. Kind of not so good at 30fps either. 24fps, though, is fine. Quicktime plays the same vids just fine (at 60fps...same computer).

Is it Reaper or is my laptop that is causing Reaper not to play at 60fps? (Project settings are changed to 60 fps too, btw)
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Part of that might be your hardware. High frame rate/resolution video requires a lot of horsepower.

I've got a fairly decent rig I built originally for gaming, but when it comes to video editing, 1080 is pretty much the max I can do without a lot of problems.

But that's all just an initial impression off the top of my head.

One tip I got when I first started doing hobbyist type video was to keep your targeted play back media in mind. If you're working with hi resolution video with the idea of uploading it to You Tube or something like that, a lot of that resolution may get compressed or whatever You Tube and other platforms like that do to video. Same hold true for playback on other people's computers. If they don't have the graphics capable of handling 4K video, they may run into problems.

Since 1080 is pretty much my max, I stick with 1080 from shooting the video all the way through final production. If I get a video clip that's a higher resolution, the first thing I do is convert it, then work with the converted video.
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It seems the answer is yes when setting project frame rate to 60 (in project settings), at least for my test situation (reaper v6.68 winx64, 720p fps footage).
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