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Default how do you add attack on a kick drum?

how do you add attack on a kick drum?
to hit harder

this plugin does it but i was wondering how can i do it manually

an explanation of how to sustain the sound as well manually would help
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Put the mic further inside to be closer to the head. Or... mic the head.
If it's already recorded and that ship has sailed - EQ usually works.

You could make a parallel track and strip silence gate it tight so it's just the attack. EQ appropriately and blend in with the original. Or use a transient shaper plugin. Or use the one you have up on the screen. That's basically what's going on there - separating the attack portion of the hits to boost. Doing it "manually" with a strip silence gated track and eq would give you more control.

Sustain? Could be a tuning issue.
Again, if it's already recorded and can't be redone, you could try to fake it with a reverb.
Make a strip silence gated parallel track to feed the reverb. (Probably only use that gated track as a sidechain. Not in the mix itself.) Dial in the reverb as the missing sustain you want to hear.

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If you're talking about pre-recorded kicks, some things I'd consider:


Parallel compression on the whole drum kit

Layering the kick with a "click" and/or some mid range. This can be a little tricky, but I use a plugin called Kick 2 by Sonic Academy for my electronic kicks, and does a good job of layering in clicks.

Sidechain compression - duck your bass out of the way a bit when the kick hits, so the bass and kick aren't fighting for the same space.

EQ bass/kick - You want either your bass to dominate the really low end, or the kick.. pick one.. carve space for it in the other. You may need to EQ both.

Saturation - This can help anything bassy cut through a mix a little better, especially on those crappy speakers that don't respond to the really low end frequencies.

High Pass filter on other stuff - I can't tell you a magic frequency to high pass at, but the goal is to high pass low end out of all that other stuff where it doesn't really need the low end. I.e., get rid of the rumble in other stuff that isn't adding to the sound.
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Totally depends on the original source.
1. transient shaper
2. accentuating the beater by adding top end (2 to 5k, sometimes higher)
3. compression (long attack, longish release)
4. cutting the drum's resonance (can be at 150 or at 300Hz, depends) . When the beater rests on the head, it won't resonate. This indicates a harder impact.
5. adding a crunchy (saturated) initial response, or gated noise filtered to blend
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1. If compressing or limiting, use attack setting of 15 mS or more
2. JS Bass Professor Mk2 is great for drum processing
3. JS Transient Controller - crank up the Attack setting a bit
Lots of other ways to go, here...
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