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Default how do you test a synth? and find presets?

I'm thinking for example to open sylenth1

put midi notes..first on C2 for example for bass

then on C3 for chords

then c4 for leads

and keep looping the pattern until i find presets i like for bass, chords, leads

is this a good method?

how do you test synths?
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Human being with feelings
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A lot of people might be wondering wtf you mean by this, but I certainly understand lol

Me, I load up a VST, and I just fart around on the keyboard as I cycle through presets. Some VSTs let me hit the preset next/prev on my keyboard to cycle through presets, which makes it quicker and easier. Not sure what the science behind that featuring working or not is (if anyone knows, please let me know).

Anyways, that's what I do. I don't always play the same notes/rhythm/chords/etc. Cycling through different presets and just jamming/noodling away is a source of inspiration for most of the electronic music I write. What you suggest also works too, and sometimes I do that. Often times, I'd say I do both.. jam away while switching presets... then get a rhythm, program or record it, then later on I might test out more presets, and/or do my own sound design.
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