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Default Play different MIDI-Notes


I would like to use REAPER for a small live performance and I want to use my MIDI-Keyboard too. I have one question:

Is it possible that when I press the C that REAPER plays a specific order of MIDI-Notes (like a melody)? For example I press the C and the REAPER plays the D. An when I press the C again than REAPER plays the G.

I hope you can help me
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Hi. Interesting question and there may be a way of doing this via scripts or somesuch - I am afraid this is not an area I know about.

However if I hear you right you want to play a melody one note at a time "step entry"style but using only one key. One way to accomplish this I guess would be to record the whole melody beforehand and use the Enter key (or program some other key or button on you MIDI keyboard) to stop/start the melody. You would obviously have to experiment with timing etc. but the melody could be as complex as you want (eg multiple VST's etc).

Am I way off the target here? I am trying to imagine why you want to do this in fact!
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