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Default Reaper not rocognising VST3

I installed a Novum synth, but Reaper is not seeing it. I'm on Windows 11 and it's a VST3. All my other VST3's are working. I've been waiting since Tuesday for their support to get back to me. I wonder if anyone here knows whats up?
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A guess is that you've installed the vst3 in a location where Reaper isn't aware of it. You could reinstall it somewhere else perhaps? Plugin paths are defined in preferences.
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in prefs/vst under the rescan button you can see if it failed to scan or Reaper didn't detect it at all. You can click on it in the failed list to ask Reaper to scan again.

I'd suggest reinstalling the plugin and trying the vst2 version if available while you wait for a solution.
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Default As for now...

Reaper 6.71 for Windows does not recognize my Plugin Alliance VST3's and some of my latest Waves plugins when I re-scan. Never had this issue before.
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Check first to see if they failed to scan.. that would be indicated in Preferences->Plug-ins->VST->Re-scan (button)->Plugins that failed to scan.

If listed there, then you have some troubleshooting to figure out. If NOT listed there, then it's just simply because you haven't included the location where the .VST3 files for these manufacturers are located.

I know waves puts everything in a shell (WavesHell.. oops, I mean, WaveShell.dll). But they install those in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 by default, so make sure that you've included that in your VST plug-in paths box in Preferences->Plug-ins->VST

Waves also has different shells for different versions of plugins. Some of my plugins are version 12, some version 13. Double check the versions of the plugins you don't see vs. the ones you do see. If they're different, that may be a hint that you need to either locate the shell for the one version, or you don't have that version installed.

Here's a sample of what I mean of the different Waves shell versions I have:


I dont have any Plugin Alliance stuff though, so can't speak for those.
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