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Default Project Picker Window / Screen

A window / screen that pops up which includes thumbnail pictures (which can be scaled and assigned to any jpg / png of your choice) which is a screen to scroll through your projects.

The first thumbnail in the centre of the screen is the last project you had open (or maybe the current one) and then the next thumbnail to the right (cascading underneath) is the 2nd last project you had open and so on.

Using your middle mouse wheel, you can scroll up or down to previous projects so scrolling up will send the current thumbnail to the left and bring the 2nd to the last one that's cascading to the right, brings that one up from the right to the middle (so larger too) if that makes sense. Allow maybe the ability to go back 50 projects or possibly indefinitely? How the cascading works, if you don't bring the thumbnail furthenough up it drops back down to the right or left. There is a certain point to which it needs to reach to slot into the current project (and thus bigger thumbnail) position. Hope I'm making sense here?

As I said, each thumbnail can be any jpg / png of of your choice which you can assign after but before that it defaults to displaying the Reaper logo.

Underneath the thumbnail, it displays the project name but will have an arrow which when clicked, will open up a dropdown menu with other information on it such as date it was created, last date it was opened and if possible, total amount of time worked on. You can obviously still search for projects you know the name of by typing and it will pull up the thumbnail that matches your search as it would in the Recent or Open Projects Menu's.

This screen could also be set up in the preferences to open up each time Reaper loads but obviously can be bypassed. If you have this screen set up to load each time Reaper is opened and you don't want to select a project to open at all, pressing Esc will exit the screen at take you straight to a blank project.

This Project Picker screen can also be alternated between Project Display and Template Display (thumbnails assigned and it works the same as Project display) but defaults to Projects Display but again (in keeping to Reaper's amazing customizability, can be set up to default to display template thumbnails on loading / opening if you so wish.)


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This would be cool.
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Originally Posted by valy View Post
This would be cool.
Thanks, got the idea from Cakewalk By Bandlab with a bit of FL Studio Project Picker thrown in and the cascading element from that thing you can do with Windows sometimes.
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