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Default Recording MIDI to Reaper with virtual midi loopback

Probably a newbie question but it is also mac specific. Maybe even catalina specific. I have an app which generates MIDI to a MIDI device, and it allows selection of the target device. I want to record this to a MIDI track real-time in Reaper. I believe this is called a virtual MIDI cable. Any tips?

I followed some vague tips I found and created (somehow, I forget) a MIDI device in Audio MIDI Setup called IAC. There also seemed to be some Catalina bug here which crashed OSX any time it was accessed (one of the only times OSX has ever crashed for me in decades) but a recent Catalina patch may have fixed that because I think I can access the IAC item in Audio MIDI Setup without this happening now. I can't get the IAC to work or either don't have it configured correctly or have a Reaper track configured correctly to record it.

If I record this MIDI in Reaper with a virtual loopback cable (driver), is it any better than what the app might export as a .mid file? This is on guitar so it has more metadata associated with it compared to a piano (like, articulation). If I export from the app to an audioxml file, I can see the .xml file has added articulation not present in the .mid file (but the xml is still not perfect, or at least, my other DAW is not importing it correctly, like neck position for the guitar, for the tablature, and articulations are all messed up)

Once I get the MIDI recordable in Reaper in real-time, then I can assign a new VSTi to the track, and therefore have Reaper play a plugin instrument, in real-time from the loopbacked MIDI, isn't that right?
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