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Default Weird crashing (v5.978/x64)

Recorded a rather high profile client back in April. Updated my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 a few weeks ago (fresh install). Updated to the latest version of Reaper while I was at it.

My Reaper projects are stored on a separate SSD from my OS, so nothing from the project got lost. All of my plugins are working. But after a while of mixing, I'll have a track stop working. Then another. And then the whole mix goes silent. Even if I reboot my interface, the audio doesn't return. I'll have to save my progress, close Reaper, then re-open the project. I'll get about 10-15 minutes worth of mixing and then it'll happen again.

It didn't happen on my previous version of Reaper.

No problems with system resources (i7-5820k and 32GB DDR4). Not sure why this is happening now.

The project is coming due soon, so, naturally, I'm a little bit frustrated. Any fix?
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