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Default Gui and Themes question, dotted grid

Hi all.

Im very very new to Reaper as i changed from Cubase 6 few weeks ago so i could find my way in it and i can say that this daw its like was made for me the community is awesome and i like the idea of affordable daw with regular updates and customizable gui

i have been using the colonial 4000xl pro theme(the imperial for smaller displays)but i have a dislike for the dotted grid in the Project window,i think its because im accustomed to the soft lines of Cubase 6 but it really bugs me of a Little but i really love the functionality, hope can be improved in the future(or maybe it already has, i dont know)

Its there a way to improve the ítems look? they look a bit flat but they work nice as they should

the last one. As i use the colonial theme, by default the tracks in the mixer use rotaries for the volume so i have to rescale to make them faders but this resets every time i open reaper rescaling each time. How i can save my theme configuration?

Thank you very much for your time
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For Dot Grid Lines

Open your Grid/Snap settings. Default shortcut is Alt+L.

Uncheck Show Dotted Grid Lines

I think REAPER saves TCP size from the last opened project.
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