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Default file menu: recent projects list opening too fast

when browsing the main file drop down menu, if i move my mouse pointer over "recent projects list " it always, instantly opens up, takes up the whole screen, making me hide the drop down menu and start over. this can go on for awhile since i fell into the habit of using the menus before learning shortcuts.
its not the tool tip delay settings in preferences, those are for the descriptions of elements, but thats what im looking. or better yet, id prefer clicking on "recent projects list" and then having it unfold itself.
is this a windows setting?

and since im there, id like reaper to remember the last viewed folder when opening projects but its always starting me off back at root. especially annoying when checking backups and versions.
and the size of the windows when opened and their tabs(size, type, date created) and their widths and order. ill start another thread i guess. the rapidfire dropdown menu disabler anyone?
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Yes, it's super annoying.
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