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Default How often do you change your Theme?

How often do you change your Theme?
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Most of the time just to see how something new looks....and then back to my old use to be..
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I used the default V5 theme initially because that is the release that I jumped in on.

When V6 was released I didn't like it so I went back to V5 for a bit and then made my own theme.

My own theme will now see me right to the point of either my death or the demise of REAPER.
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Almost never. I tend to find one and stick with it for years at a time. I plan on making a mod of White Tie's Modder Supplies theme but first I have to figure out how to edit themes in the first place. It's about 90% perfect IMO so I'd probably just remove any trace of seafoam green and replace it with either orange or a regular green...maybe swap a button or two with ones from the default theme.
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Win Conway
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I make a new one at every full number version.
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I used to every few weeks (between a hand full) but I just created/modded my own so now I'm solid.
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......not as often as I would if I could find an alternative that worked better than the default.

What I mean is; There have been plenty of great looking themes over the past few years but they seem built for folks who have either a huge monitor or multiple monitors setups.

I'm on 24" 1920 x 1200 monitor and I can still just about see the small stuff.
When I deviate from that setting and change from the default theme things get too big or too small.

Loved the look of the Abbey Road theme and White Tie's Imperial but I just couldn't get them to work as well as the default on my monitor.
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If you mean substituting one theme for another - not for about 5 years. I use a theme that is no longer stashed so anticipating that it may no longer work at some point, I do try others occasionally. Just can't get on with 6.

If you mean change the look of what I have, then yes, I tweak, but only occasionally and minor colour tweaks.
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Never. I am using the same theme I tweaked for v4 long ago. I check out new ones now and then, but less and less so over the years. What I have now simply just works (for me).
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I believe what themes you like doesn't just depend on how you use Reaper, but also the room lighting, viewing distance, screen size and calibration.
I've been using the standard 6 theme set to 150% on everything for months now. Another user made a subtle change to that theme which I used for a while, but essentially it's White Tie's 6 theme. I've tried others themes, some look great but didn't suit this particular setup.
I liked and used the Rado and Commala dark themes on single screen setup. I could happily use those if this 6 theme hadn't facilitated using a 2nd smaller screen for mixer only. I suppose I could use those themes with the 2nd screen setup too but I would need to put the smaller screen nearer to me (which somehow feels less comfortable.
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I always customized my the themes according to my liking I used Hydra for good two years. Now I'm using the LSC R6..as I'm doing reaper tutorials so everyone can be on the same page.If there would be a newer version of Hydra that I like I would switch again. For personal preference.
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sometime i like to navigate my themes by page\up - page\down to switch themes

way cool
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Whenever Kusakanaka comes up with a new one!
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