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Default Smooth 6 - 1080P/HiDPI/Retina Theme [V2.1]

Smooth is released for free. If you use this theme and would like to say thanks/donate, I've just released my first EP (which was delayed about 6 weeks due to creating smooth, hah!), any support would be much appreciated!

There's no minimum, you can choose whatever amount you feel is right. If you enjoy atmospheric/dark/uplifting electronic (and sci-fi - read the story!), you may even enjoy it :¬)

Donate: Rozko - Iridescent on BandCamp

13/02/2020: Smooth V2.1 with standard/1080p support is released!

Please follow the 3 step installation guide (fonts, theme adjusters and theme files).

- 1080p support
- Windows versions (new/fixed fonts)
- Dark variation
- New MIDI Keyboard

*** The contents of the image list (“Image List”) contained within _LICENSE.TXT within the Smooth_6.reaperThemeZip is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License under the following terms ***

NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.

Note: Once Smooth 6 is 100% finished and has been out in the world for a little while, I'll change the license to allow modifications. Until then, feel free to modify for your own personal use.

Scaling/Graphic problems? Font issues? Read the FAQ at the bottom of this post

Note: Large images! Select the REAPER 5 theme in the drop down in the footer of this page for automatic scaling

Default TCP (A) :

Full 4K link

Close up:

Note the stereo and dual pan on tracks 2, 3 and 7. Tip: The pan dial always has a silver dot in the centre, and a central top dot marker. The width dial has neither for better differentiation.

Fader (B) and big meter (C):

Alternative TCP (personal favourite):

Close up:

Enable the alternative TCP design via Options > Layouts > Track Panel > 150%_A Alt TCP:

TCP Master:

Note the FX parameters also.

Alternative TCP Fader (B):

Select via Options > Layouts > Track Panel > 150%_B Alt TCP

Envelope lanes:

Default MCP:

Full 4K link

Close up, showing various element states:

- Collapsed folder (tracks 6 and 15)
- MCP separators (available via Mixer layout options)
- FX, routing, mute, solo, phase and envelope states

Coloured Faders:

Select via Options > Layouts > Mixer Panel > "150%_A red/blue/green" etc

Coloured separator icons and active transport buttons (record, play, repeat):

Full screenshot using a different Reaper layout:

Full 4K link


Installing/Using Smooth 6

Download: Smooth 6 (Fonts, Theme Adjuster and Theme files).

(Click the Open button top right, then select Download.)

**** MANDATORY ****

For the theme to work properly, you MUST follow these steps properly.

First, extract Smooth 6 It contains three numbered folders, which correspond to the below steps:

Step 1: Install Fonts

1) Install the two fonts (four files, Regular and Bold for each) on your system. Choose the Mac or Windows folder depending on your Operating System.

Step 2: Install Theme Adjusters

1) Open Reaper, select Options > "Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder..."

2) Navigate to Scripts folder, then the Cockos folder which is contained within it.

3) Move/copy "Smooth_6_theme_adjuster.lua" and the other three files into the Cockos folder.

Step 3: Install Themes

1) In the main Reaper resources folder, navigate into the ColorThemes folder.

2) Copy the four Smooth theme files into the ColorThemes folder.

Step 4: Set Default TCP Height

The theme was designed for a specific track (TCP) height.

1) Go to Preferences > Project > Track/Send Defaults and set Default Track Height to SMALL:

Done. Go to Options > Themes and then choose Smooth (for Mac) or Smooth_Windows (for Windows). They are both light themes, and have _Dark variations.

Note: I don't like the phase button to be visible on the TCP. If you need to reveal it, just increase the track height, e.g.

Highly Recommended: Theme Adjuster Settings

If you love the look of the screenshots, copy these settings:

Note: If you use TCP meters (Layout B) make sure you use the same settings as shown above.

I've also created a default set of colours for Smooth:

Highlight tracks via MCP or TCP and click the colour on the strip to assign it.

Which translates to:

On that note...

Highly Recommended: Optimised Colours

While you can use any colours you like, the theme was designed with specific values in mind. Use a colour dropper on the SMOOTH colour palette (2 images above) to save them, or use these codes:

Colour #hex [RGB]
Red	#e4514e [228 81 78]
Orange	#d27831 [210 120 49]
Yellow	#beb24a [190 178 74]
Green	#529646 [82 150 70]
Teal	#45968c [69 150 140]
Blue	#437acb [67 122 203]
Indigo	#7f75e3 [127 117 227]
Violet	#a766c8 [167 102 200]
Highly Recommended: MCP Folder Icons

If you want these nice folder icons/actions:

Just click the 'i' icon on the master track and select Clickable icon for folder tracks to show/hide children.

Big thank you to all the people who helped, especially PhelixK and synkrotron. Also Mordi, otsoa, Odys and lastly White Tie (amazing job coding WALTER, V6 theme structure and the Theme Adjuster).

P.S. If you're a fan of coloured MCP FX/send lists (I'm not, hence they're disabled by default) I've hidden an easter egg:

To enable it, you need to unpack the theme (there are guides on this forum), go to the 200 folder and remove the 'colour' extension from these files...

1) mcp_extmixbg.png.colour
2) mcp_extmixbgsel.png.colour

Remember to back the original files up first :¬)


Does it support HiDPI?

Yes, it supports HiDPI and Retina.

Does it support 1080p?


I'm a Windows user and the fonts are too big!

Select Smooth_6_Windows (or the Windows_Dark version) from the Options > Theme menu.

Does this theme work with the Theme Adjuster script?

Yes, the theme comes with it's own adjuster scripts that are available in Options > Themes > Theme Adjuster.

I get missing file errors when loading the Theme Adjuster

See "Step 2: Install Theme Adjuster" in the installation guide above. Make sure you place the file in Scripts/Cockos folder.

Can I hide/show TCP elements?

Yes, via the Theme Adjuster.

Does this have MCP separators?

Yes, access them via Options > Layouts > Mixer.

Any plans to replace the toolbar icons?


Will this work on dual screens that are HiDPI and 1080p?


The transport font is weird!

You must install the custom fonts.

How do I get coloured fader-caps layouts to automatically appear?

Use the SWS Autocolor/Icon/Layout extension; set the same shade of green used in Smooth for your drum tracks, then in the MCP Layout column of that screen, enter: 150%_A green (or whatever layout you want to use). Repeat for each colour/layout. Then under options, make sure "Auto-Track Coloring" and 'Enable Auto Track Layout" are enabled.

Thanks to PhelixK, synkrotron and Odys for the coding help. Also Mordi, glymur, otsoa and FunkyBot.

Big thanks to Ideosound for help with the 1080p conversion.

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