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Default What's the likely future of Linux VSTs?

Newbie here --again... :-)

With Steinberg's removal of the VST 2.x development kit a while ago, How will developers write new linux vst plugins? Does the VST 3.x SDK provide linux VST support and license? If not, what are developer's plans/intentions?

EDIT: TLDR: I had gone to Steinberg's developer page
(https://www.steinberg.net/en/company/developers.html) to get more information about the VST SDK for Linux, and found that it was not even listed. It had been big news when v2 Linux support had been released, so I thought Steinberg had dropped support. Further checking revealed that this is not true, and Linux HAS a VST 3 SDK and support (albeit in beta).

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U-he Colour Copy beta came out for linux, vst3 included,
very shortly after the win/mac versions, so I take that
as a good sign, and I see new user niks, reporting
U-he linux purchases, important market info for the boss.

It's also worth noting, that as Reaper linux port usage
has steadily increased, the original KVR U-he linux-beta topic
that was closed by Abique, the port coder-in-chief, has steadily
increased views, indicating search engines are spreading
good 'old' information, also leading some people here, no doubt.
So Reaper has a broad, if subtle influence on the rest of the
ITB audio industry. Bitwig, Mixbus, Renoise, and Tracktion
also contributed in the timeline leading here, where linux
has a little momentum, taking in win 10 refugees,
and young first-time computer owners who lack any corporate
legacy bias, and are appalled at Mac prices.

Abique preferred using Reddit for his U-he forum, and has it at


Money talks loudest. Voting with our wallets
and accurate comments will help. discoDSP has
linux versions of Bliss sampler, and synths Discovery Pro,
Vertigo, and the free obxd, PianoteQ has regular updates,


releases a steady stream of Patreon-supported free plugins,
with many videos, helpful for folks like me,
who don't have decades of production experience.

I see the future as very bright, regardless
of Steinberg, apple, or m-soft.
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One thing in your post caught my eye--you said that a Uhe plug-in had already been released as VST3. My original search did not yield much, but after you said that, I tried searching for "Linux VST3" and found this:


It was here on this page that I saw that there is indeed Linux VST 3 support in the SDK (albeit a beta version). So it looks like Steinberg didn't give up on Linux as I had been led to believe previously!!


So, does Linux Reaper currently support VST 3 plugins then?
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Further info:


Translated to English:

Steinberg recently released a new version of the VST3 development environment.
VST 3.6.7 Audio Plug-Ins SDK


PS: All those who complain about crashes in size changes of VST 3 plugins, they should write their plugin manufacturers - he should but please compile the plugin again with the new VST 3 development environment.
https://www.kvraudio.com/news/steinberg ... odel-36524

Various bug fixes that have to do with crashes in size changes, as well as new HDPI support even under Windows.

But now the news that gave me the most joy, there is now also the opportunity for LINUX VST 3 plugins to generate : D

I had already said earlier that I would like to have a Linux -Cubase, so this desire is actually closer :O

and what do you think, even a Halion 6 for Linux would certainly be a great number.

As the manufacturers of the operating systems Microsoft and Apple are implementing more and more for musicians and audio designers annoying stuff that the running ability of a system constantly in question, so Linux would be worth a try for many of us.

With Linux it would also be so that Steinberg could deliver an optimized for audio own Linux distribution, on which the products were tested. Since royalties omitted Steinberg could put together a Linux for his customers - what then probably should interest particularly professional users.
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Look in

.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Common Files/VST3

maybe you have some already?
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Default Couple of linux VSTs

Seems Ardour is pushing for some cross platforms etc ... here is a few.
I did not test will test them soon and post.


Loomer http://www.loomer.co.uk/
Distrho http://distrho.sourceforge.net/ports.php
Argotlunar http://argotlunar.info/
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