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Human being with feelings
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Default Path settings for Reaper (Win, Linux)

Hello, everybody,

I don't know now if I'm right with this question here, because it has only limited to do with Reaper. I use two notebooks and two different operating systems. One with Windows Pro 10/64 and one with Ubuntu-Studio64 18/10. My audio interface (Soundcraft UI 24R) and both notebooks are connected to my router (Fritzbox) via a network cable. There is also a network hard disk attached to the router. I would be interested to know if I can assign the paths for projects, recordings, unsaved recordings etc. directly to the network hard disk in both Reaper versions.
At the moment I am using a Steinberg UR44 USB audio interface for the Linux machine, which allows me to create recordings with 92kHz/24Bit via Jack. I save my data locally and then transfer it to the network hard disk using Filezilla.
The UI24R is also connected to the Windows notebook via USB. The UI 24R has a maximum sampling rate of 48kHz/24Bit. A band colleague processes my instrumental recordings with 92kHz/24Bit on his DAW. For my purposes the recordings I make with UI 24R are sufficient. In order not to have to change all my devices and instruments every time, I would like to store the files from Linux and Windows on a central storage place and then integrate them into started projects on the respective computer. If I have loaded the data with Filezilla to my central storage space, I can do the above without any problems. But I would like to omit this intermediate step (saving locally). Is there a possibility? Many thanks in advance for your help.

Greetings, Nobbi
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s wave
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Default network hardisk

I do not quite understand the question...

So you are saying that you can off load your linux files on the network central hard disk...

Can you access the central hard disk with your windows system at all?
without swapping out cables?

Please give a little more concise info; there are people here who can help.
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