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Default Windows 10 UWP API Integration for BLE MIDI handling from CME XKEY, Korg Microkey Air

Windows 10 UWP API Integration for BLE MIDI handling from CME XKEY, Korg Microkey Air

My BLE MIDI devices don't show up in Reaper's device list, or don't work properly. My CME Xkey air doesn't show up at all, and my Korg MicroKey Air shows up but "isn't found" or there's another error (sorry, I'll have to document it later).

Currently, I use MidiBerry to route the incoming CME XKey Air signal to a virtual Loopmidi port, which is then recognized by Reaper. I use WindsynthBerry

NewBodyFresher's MidiBerry and WindSynthBerry appear to be the only apps that can recognize and route Bluetooth midi signals from my XKey Air. A representative of CME itself said they don't know of any other software that implements Microsoft's UWP API for MIDI properly and they recommend purchasing a special hardware receiver, the WIDI Bud.

For the Korg MicroKey Air, using Korg's BLE driver, other MIDI routing apps like MidiTrix can also route incoming and outgoing signals to a loopMIDI port.

This appears to be the solution, but I don't know if it can be easily integrated into a non-UWP app https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/win...eo-camera/midi

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AFAIU, "Bluetooth Midi" in Windows is a totally different subsystem than the "Midi devices" subsystem that all Midi aware Software can connect to. (I forgot the correct name of this "Bluetooth Midi" subsystem (is this "UWP" / "BLE" ? ) but - other than all other Windows device drivers for any type of hardware - it somehow is based on C# that no decent developer who has realtime programming in mind will use. So it's just a queer idea by Microsoft.)

Hence Midi hardware that only provides "Bluetooth Midi" drivers will not (decently) work with software that does not come bundled with same.

Some time ago there have been some threads in these forums on "Bluetooth Midi" (I seem to remember that "WIDI" was mentioned there, as well) and I seem to remember that there is some (free) software that creates a standard Midi driver from "Bluetooth Midi" devices but I don't know the name nor where to find it.

Apart from this, Bluetooth might not be realtime aware enough to use "Bluetooth Midi" for Live performing.

-> https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=194579
-> http://newbodyfresher.linclip.com/ (see Viedo)
-> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/mi...ot:overviewtab


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Thank you for the reply! I forgot to turn notifications on so I just noticed it now.

I ended up purchasing the dedicated USB receiver, a "WIDIbud" for my CME. The WIDI Bud promises to minimize latency below what the built in bluetooth radio and drivers can provide and it does appear to lower latency to a level barely distinguishable from wired, which is great. It costs 75 CAD which is too expensive for me to pair with my three wireless keyboards and one Yamaha UD-BT01, so I think I will just stick with the single WIDIbud for now.

It's interesting what you say about the differences between types of drivers in Windows, because CME (XKey Air) and Korg (Microkey Air) provide different solutions. CME's driver must be purely "Bluetooth MIDI", while Korg provides a driver which is sometimes recognized by Reaper but does not work consistently. In both cases, NewBodyFresher's MIDIBerry + Tobias Erikson's LoopMIDI is an acceptable (if slightly annoying) solution, and the WIDIbud is best, but expensive (the CME WIDIbud can connect with other bluetooth MIDI devices, including the KORG Microkey Air, but pairing with new devices when changing keyboards is also a little annoying).

The thread you linked is also quite interesting and surprisingly heated for a niche topic like this!

I have to say I don't fully understand why NewBodyFresher can implement a MIDI router that detects "Bluetooth MIDI" but Reaper cannot - but I guess it has something to do with C# and UWP.

Thanks again, Michael.
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