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Hey all,

I've been held off posting an article on the forums like this... but a lot of people said I should just do it.

I've had my site up for awhile now... about 20 or so videos up for free and a recent release of a DVD for sale.

My Current Web Videos:

1. Basic Overview – Save Session | Default Setup | Record Audio | Simple Effects
2. Audio Interface with Asio4All – Latency | Monitoring | Buffer Settings
3. Changing Reapers Theme – Download | Extract | Menu Options
4. Customize Menus – Basics of menu alterations | Export/Import | TCP | Mixer
5. File Structure – Organize Audio | Setup Back-up Folders | Session Directory
6. Elastic Audio in Reaper – Stretch audio | Warp Audio Like Pro Tools | Sync Vocals | Align Audio
7. Audio Import, Track Organization – Large Audio import | Track Organization With Folders | Color Code Groups
8. FX Menus and Simple Sends Routing – Quick Add FX | AcmeBarGig | Density MKII | FX Chains
9. Split/Slip Editing – Edit Drums Manual | Faster than Pro Tools | Better than Beat Detective | Gofer KeyMap | SWS Extensions
10. Take System Basics – Record Selected Area | Audio Compilation | Vocal Compilation
11. Live/Multi-track Recording or Mixing – Full Band Recording | Multi-Tracking | Live Sound | Record Your Show
12. Drums as Click – GTG Synth Drums | Midi Drums as Click | Basic Beat Creation
13. Midi Routing – Kontakt 4 | Route Midi to VSTi and Back to Separate Audio Tracks | Render Each Instrument Properly
14. Mixing and Bounce Help – Envelopes | Draw Automations | Normalize | Manual Leveling | Volume and Pan | Render Ready For CD
15. Addictive Drums in Reaper – Record Multichannel Audio | Live Audio Output Via MIDI Input
16. Reason ReWired to Reaper – Midi to Reason and Audio back to Reaper | ReWire | Track Template
17. Vocals with Reverb - Direct Monitoring or Software Monitoring
18. Tune Vocals with ReaTune - Manual Mode | Create Harmonies | Reaper Built-In Plugin
19. Drum Rescue - Re-Sample Drums | ReaGate as MIDI Trigger | Audio to Midi drums
20. Reverse Reverb on Vocals - Reverse item in take | m30 TC Reverb
21. Side Chain - ReaComp | ReaGate | Synth Groove | Drum Controlled Instruments
22. Kick Fatten | Thin Kick | Tone Generator | ReaGate
23. Audio Loops in Reaper | Similar to Sony Acid | Drag and Drop | Regions | Arrange music
24. Consolidate/Export files | Prepare files for Mixing | Bring Files To Another Studio
25. Basic MIDI | Midi Items | Piano Roll | Loop and Copy
26. Steven Slate Drums 3.5 | Kontakt Routing | Track Template | Multi-Out Routing
27. Multi-Docker | Screen sets | Workflow | Reaper 4
28. Mouse Modifiers | Workflow | One-Handed Editing | Reaper 4

Purchase Videos 1-28 Here for only $19.99 *SALE FOR $5.99*
Each video will be posted separately as well for only $0.99 each in the future.

I will add to the list as I add videos.
My Current Video Series'(s) offered:

Real World Recording w/Reaper

Which brings you through a full production of an all audio song. The teaching methods of this video are the same as the videos on

The videos included areas follows: (~4.5hrs)

Preface Videos

1. Installing SWS extensions, Setup Macro, Copy Pre-Sets.
2. Setting up headphone and reverb sends for software monitoring solutions.

Real World Recording w/Reaper

1. Intro to the tools we will be using.
2. Setup Tempo, Scratch tracking/editing.
3. Drum Tracking/Editing and Bass Tracking/Editing.
4. Keyboard, GTR, and AC Tracking and Editing.
5. Vocal Tracking/Comping.
6. Vocal Tuning and Harmony creation.
7. Mixing - Applying FX and getting balance.
8. Mixing - Automations and Envelopes.
9. Mastering - Importing rendered tracks, useing the plugins, getting the right volume, and burning your music with Reaper.


Producing MIDI in Reaper! *BUY NOW*(Digital DL)

We are proud to announce that Producing MIDI in Reaper is available for purchase! For more info click below. To buy now click buy now! :-)

Digital Download can beOrdered Now for ONLY $35
For Physical DVD Purchase Click Here

For More info Click Here

*DIGITAL DL BUNDLE* Producing MIDI and Real World Recording w/Reaper

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