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Default "ping" OSC function?

Hi List,

I'm developping a max for live device to sync link with reaper. I'm looking for a way to test to osc communication, e.g. a ping signal. I saw in Default.ReaperOSC that there isn't anything similar, so I would like to ask:
- is there any such function?
- in case there isn't, I could try to send any kind of message that gets a reaction from Reaper. Based on your experience, which kind of message is more efficient for this? E.g. something that would be harmless for the reaper session and hardly used would be the best.


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Using OSCIIBot (free Windows executable by Cockos), you can do a script in EEL that can do anything with sending and receiving OSC and Midi streams.

In Reaper, you can trigger an action with OSC, that starts a script (done in EEL or LUA). AFAIK, you can use Reaper API functions in such scrpit to send out OSC messages.

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