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Default Traditional stereo editing - almost there...

You know, Reaper can almost be used as a traditional stereo editor, where you drag a highlight on top of the displayed audio on a single track, hit a single key, and the stuff beneath the highlight is deleted, and everything to right closes up leftwards.

Track locking (full) allows you to drag on the displayed waveform without moving it. Ripple editing does the closing. However, you can't do the deleting without unlocking, making sure there is no item selected, pressing shift/s, then delete.

However, using ReaperKeys DIY you can automate all of those stages and map them onto a single function key as follows -


- except there is no keyboard shortcut for deselecting all selections, as someone else pointed out recently. And if you don't do that, then the delete part of the procedure will delete the selection instead of the bit beneath the loop selector. Esc deselects the loop selection (which is exactly what you don't want to do in this scenario) but it would be handy if something like shift/Esc deselected all items (just as though you had clicked in the master track). Then this function could fully be automated.
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Hi Art,

My preference has always been to use non-destructive multitrack editors and destructive WAV editors at different times, depending on the task at hand, or in concert - eg while editing multitrack, if I encounter a clipped WAV that needs surgery, I'll open the WAV editor througn the multitracker (in Reaper, CTRL+ALT+E). I prefer that one not completely emulate the other.

But I agree that Reaper can be tweaked to be a faster radio-style editor, without having to completely mimic the WAV editor. I imagine the following scenario:

Load entire WAV file into a track, ensure it's selected

Deleting from program
- audition, mark, select the part to be cut, using Reaper conventions (eg drag out & select region in the timeline, not over the segment itself, so you don't need to lock)
- split at selection boundaries, delete selected region and ripple (close up the gap)*

Adding to program
- copy the audio to be inserted in the usual way
- find insertion point, mark with cursor
- split, insert audio and ripple*

This avoids having to lock up the segment. The only new or customized commands required are the ones I asterisked. I think it would be useful to add these to Reaper as one-step commands (hotkey or right-click, commands named Delete & Ripple, Insert & Ripple).

I'm finding that the usage of the terms Selection, Region and Loop in Reaper to be occasionally confusing. Perhaps this needs clarification or revision. Or maybe I just need to read the manual a bit more.
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Art Evans
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Thanks for those comments - the reason for locking and dragging right on the item is simply that some people are used to doing that in other apps, for greater (perceived?) accuracy in placing the loop selection, compared with lining up the cursor away from the displayed waveform in the timeline or master track.

But as I went to bed last night I had an inspiration - contained in the ReaperKeys DIY command string for configuring the middle mouse button -


which thus uses the middle mouse button to delete. So you can work with the track full lock on (you must do that else the above command string will not work correctly), and probably with ripple edit all tracks also on, then drag your loop selection highlight on top of the item, then middle click the mouse on the bit you want to delete. The command string then instantly does the following -

left click on the item to select it
shift/s to split the part of that item beneath the loop selection
cut the split part

If you set up another convenient key to send three ctrl/z (^z^z^z) you have an instant undo if the edit is not correct.

And if you set up another key to send


You can insert the bit you have just deleted at whatever point the cursor is placed at - it sends unlock, split, paste, relock.

This makes a very fast and instinctive way of speech editing - drag, middle button, that's all - maybe the fastest on the planet!

If you don't want to use the lock mode facility for dragging on the item, then just omit the two "l" characters from the command string.

Note that if the part you want to delete straddles two items, instead of middle clicking on either item, do so in the master track or timeline.

Cool, huh?

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