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Default Reaper Web Browser Interface capabilities?

I'm a web developer interested in using Reaper's web interface for a project. I've played around with some of it's features and done some research, including looking into ReaperWRB.

But I can't seem to find anything in the documentation or implementations that touches on the idea I had, and I wondered if it was even at all possible.

It seems that the web interface was realistically designed for such use cases as for example: being able to hit record when away from your DAW in a vocal booth, but I had a different idea...

Could it be possible to use the web interface as a publicly available website that is connected to my Reaper instance, that allows users to upload music files to the site from their devices that are then imported into my Reaper, which creates a new track for the uploaded file, and allows them to add plugins/effects etc and listen back in real time to their manipulated file, and then download the final result track at the end? Or is this way beyond the interface's intended purpose? Basically a completely remote studio experience.

I would really appreciate and value the expertise/opinion of someone with more experience using the interface.

If impossible, might there be a better route to similar functionality?

Thanks in advance,
All the best
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Tou cant send audio with the web interface, as far as I know, or at least not in a non convoluted way.

But there has been somehow close VST released for collab with file upload, and multitracks, and real time listening.

Not 'public' use case, but can work well with one or two collaborators

Check Satellite Session, Landr collab, mixup, Beat connect... these have file upload to a distant daw.

If you just want to send audio then Sonobus.

Or some collab Web based host also like Soundation...

Your case is complex. If you are dev, you have a lot fo R&D ahead :P
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To "upload music files", and get them into Reaper, you might upload the (remote) file (outside Reaper) to some known (local) file, and then create an item (in Reaper) using that as source.

After that, it's "pretty easy". I'd be inclined (if I was into Python) to look into

Shouldn't be too hard to expose an instance of Reaper to a remote user. But you're going to have a heck of a time if you have more than one user doing stuff.
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