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Default Saurus Forest - another demo song for TONE 2 Saurus 3 (x10 instances)

Saurus Forest - my demo song for TONE 2 Saurus 3 (x10 instances)

More than a demo, Saurus Forest is a piece of personal music where I took the opportunity to test Saurus 3 /.
This track was entirely produced with REAPER 6.36


Saurus Lead line shot

Saurus 3 has made me stay up all night! One thing I am convinced of is that the experience with a synthesizer or a musical tool is hugely personal.

To accomplish that it must offer something more, have a special and unique factor that allows at the same time to create music seriously and at the same time get a lot of fun. Saurus 3 did it! .

The list of improvements is impressive, among my fav, the big interface, random generation, 192 new sounds, the microtuning algorithm, and more. But definitely the feeling of improved audio quality is astounding!

In this song I used multiple instances and the sound of each one remained present and warm, as if you actually had several hardware synthesizers running at the same time.

10 Saurus instances (check pic shot below) were used with 7 of them playing at the same time and there was not a glitch on my old processor (7 year old 4 core AMD 3.5 GHZ) with 16 GB RAM DDR3 .

Only Saurus was used as a synthesizer in this demo with the exception of one instance of Icarus 2 for a chop voice vocoder.

even though this track was one of the selected 2nd place winners in the Saurus3 demo song contest held by TONE2, don't expect here the typical EDM or commercial styles.

MORE here:
Saurus 3 (TONE2) my contest winner tracks

This is more of a fusion 80's type and personal approach, with ethno world spices, where apart from Saurus 3 for all the pads, leads, arps, fx, ambient and keys I also recorded with my real 4 string electric bass and my Gibson Les Paul synth guitar (Roland GK-3 equipped) on the first solo with a sound evoking the famous Pat Metheny signature sound and his GR-300 synth tone. There are even rhythmic key changes from 4/4 to 7/8.

But the important and transcendental thing is that I have discovered that Saurus 3 was able to keep my musical adventures afloat.

My personal definition of Saurus 3: an incredible source of sounds and synthesis that exalts a whole analog and vintage universe together with immense possibilities that fit perfectly in the heights of contemporary music production as well.

Saurus 3 goes beyond a simple emulation of vintage analog or classic synthesizers. It is a malleable and versatile synthesizer that even surpasses the sound and possibilities of many originals while being a unique and original musical tool in its own right.

In the song aside Saurus 3 I simultaneously demo the awesome DRUM LEVELER plugin (Sound Radix) which allowed me to transform 4 drum and percussion loops into more than 12 different loops!

Production data sheet:
- DAW: REAPER 6.36 (64)
Real instruments:
- Electric bass (FJB)
- Electric guitar (Gibson LP) with Roland GK-3 (first solo with GR-300 sound)
- Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor (GR-300 preset)
- Guitar and bass processing:
TH-U and MarkBass Studio (Overloud - Italy)

Virtual Instruments and FX:
- DRUM LEVELER VST (Sound Radix) X2 instances
- SAURUS 3 VST (TONE2) 10 instances, 8 for music content, 2 x FX
- ICARUS 2 VST (TONE2) vocoder voices. X1 instance.
- MONSTER DRUM VST (Agus Hardiman https://monsterdaw.com ) X2 instances. (CocaCola Kit & RacikSuara Metal Kit)
- Xpands!2 (AIR MT) X1 instance for Tabla drums
- The Riser VST (AIR MT) X1 instance (just in one bar)
- Punch BD X1 (ROB PAPEN)
- Smooth Operator VST3 (Baby Audio) X1
- MIDI Polysher (eaReckon) X2
- Orbitron VST3 (JMGSound) X1
- QuickBass VST3 (InstantAudio) X1
- Tantra VST (Dmitry Sches)
- IMPRINT VST 3 (W.A.Production)
- LoudMax VST3 (Thomas Mundt) x4

Total Kudos to REAPER for be the most outstanding piece of music audio creation ever!
Thanks to TONE 2 Saurus 3 Markus Krause (designer and developer) and Troels Nygaard (presets creator)
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