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Default vst database

Hi all,

My teenage daughter has started using my reaper rig and was asking me if there is a way to organize all our VSTs as she cannot quite remember what they all do. I am fine with Reaper's method of custom categories etc.. it works for me. But is there something that be used outside of Reaper that would show a picture of the main VST interface?


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One thing I've done is to right click on and rename VSTs. I leave the beginning of the name as is, and tag onto the end of it keywords that make more sense to me.

I might put the word PIANO or ORGAN... or COMPRESSOR or GUITAR.

You can also create a "folder" in the FX list and make it "Smart Folder" where you can have keyword matching to list effects that your daughter might use regularly.
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Edgemeal has a few apps that may help - the FX sorter, for example.


Edit: though it's outdated
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Not outside of Reaper but if you're adventurous, you could do a custom toolbar! For years I had toolbars with my most used vst's.

Then I used a more advanced toolbar script for a while:


And now I have everything on a separate ipad with a custom web interface.

All those could have images or names that help to define what the plugin does.
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Related requests:
and this may help:
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