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Default Media Explorer & Project Playback Linking


This is a conceptualy simple request that could help when trying to find a loop sample with the Media Explorer.

I have not been able to synchronize the Media Explorer sample playback with the main project playback. You need to manually try to sync those together but its not practical when trying to browse through loop samples.

Is it possible to link the project playback with the Media explorer playback please ?

This way the "auto-play" and "start on bar" checkboxes of the Media Explorer would become more useful.

Right now it does auto play and start on bar, sure, but the playbacks of the main project and sample are not stopping together with the "space bar hotkey" (for example) so its very hard to sync your loop sample with the first bar of your project when your trying to stay focused on the music flow.

Please let me know if this is a useless request and if there's already a built-in way to do it. In this case I'd delete the request.

Thanks in advance

Edit: it might be unclear that I mean when you press play to start/stop the project playback, the Media Explorer should follow. Currently if theres a looping sample preview it keeps looping even if you requested a project stop playback. Also, when this same sample is selected and auto play checkbox is ticked, the sample will not start properly with the project start playback request. Id expect them to be linked to ease things.
Without this you have to manage both project playback and media explorer playback which is undesirable in this case.
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