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Default Combo amp cabinet size matters for close miking?

Does anyone thing that open back speaker cabinet size matter when close miking? Personally I don't but wonder if someone experimented with it.
I got a Fender Pro Junior (not blues) with 12" speaker in it. It completely fills the cabinet. It doesn't seem to sound any different than my amps with large cabinet when closely miked. But it does make a difference for live playing since the box practically have no acoustics to put out in the room.
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There will be slight differences yea, but unless you want to the mic multiple speakers and mix them, there's little reason to use more than one.

Seems the thing to do these days is to use a reactive load box instead of a cab and just put speaker sims on the output of the amp.
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I think you're right. Close-miking does negate a lot of cabinet resonance. This can be good or bad depending on what you're going for, tonally. This is probably why so many great 70s albums were recorded with Fender Champs. They can sound huge when close-miked.

There's no better or worse, just what works for the situation. I always find I have to re-cut guitar parts because I've chosen the wrong mic approach.
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I regularly use a small 1x10" tube amp and when close micing the proximity effect makes it sound WAY bassier than you need in an actual mix. I usually cut the bass to make it more natural sounding (in ReaEQ I use a highpass filter, freq 330 Hz, bandwidth 1.74, use the wet/dry mix to adjust to your liking).

The cab DOES make a difference, in that if you used the same speaker in a larger cab it would sound different compared to using a small cab BUT bearing in mind thow shockingly different speakers can sound from each other, and how much control we have over sound with mic placement the only question worth asking is if the recorded sound is close to what is required for the mix.
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