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Default Enhance FX bypass functionality

i would like to propose few enhancements to existing FX bypass functionality.

Bypassing of FX for comparison is one of most common things, I'm doing with any DAW.
Bellow are some things, which, I think, can be very useful in Reaper.
Current situation allows for "clicky" FX bypass using small checkbox on top of floating FX window or using of dry/wet knob if one wants to avoid clicks. Another way is to find bypass button in particular plugin GUI, but this is sometimes missing or at least placed at different places among different plugins. All this could be greatly streamlined, if it will be possible to have "soft" bypass and couple of actions, which can be assigned to keystrokes. So one can concentrate on sound difference and not for visual pixel hunting for bypass switches.

- implement kind of "soft" bypass, which actually don't disable particular FX processing, but blend to unprocessed signal path instead. Similarly like FX dry/wet knob at 0%. So clean path will still retain PDC without any glitching during bypass switching, when using latency compensated plugins. Also it will be very good to do switch between paths using short (eg. 10ms) crossfade for prevention of clicks due to level differences between clean and processed signal path.
Example of DAW, which has implemented this functionality is Studio One, where are two buttons at its FX dialog. One for plugin bypass, second for its deactivation (like current FX bypass in Reaper).
New bypass mode could be used with clicking with additional keyboard modifier eg. alt+shift to either floating FX window checkbox or track insert rectangle at mixer.

- additionaly few new actions can make this bypass really comfortable and powerful.
"Soft bypass toggle for active FX window"
"Soft bypass toggle for all floating FX windows" (this will be neat for comparisons of two opened plugins)

I've already tried to do some of mentioned fuctionality by ReaScript, but it has obviously some limitations (doesn't work with item FXs, can't do crossfades and basically controls dry/wet ratio of last touched FX)

If you also would like to see it in Reaper, please vote there:
or discuss here.. :-)

FRs: Better FX bypass
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Sounds like gold to me😄
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I once did a similar request.
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that is a thing that is solves in Cubase. there is a "soft" bypass without deactivating the plugin.

on the other hand, the way Reaper handles it didnt strike me as odd ... but if you can enhance the things ...
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Solving the glitching "pop" during the toggle would be good by itself, but this suggestion is better than that! Nice idea.
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Thanks for comments,
first I tried to workaround it via script, but some things are impossible to do with current API. I've also find some mentions about non-clicky versions in forum, but no real post with voting in issue tracker.

Generally I think, current system is O.K. and it is same as most of other DAWs have. But it related to another personal thing. I always thought about workflows, which allows user to "disconnects" mind from sight perception while adjusting audio settings. That is, why I like hardware controllers, outboard effects knobs or some sane keystrokes. If I hit hardware button or fader three times, for fourth time I usually don't think about process. So it seems to be natural for me to have one (and always same) button for bypass of active FX.

FRs: Better FX bypass

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Maybe this is something for you : AB Level Matching JSFX

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Default Nice one!

Originally Posted by TBProAudio View Post
Maybe this is something for you : AB Level Matching JSFX

Hi Thomas,
thank you for link and your nice plugin. I saw it mentioned somewhere, but haven't tried it until now. It is further step above my imagination and really nice idea. I can see its usage for instance at master chain, where one can specifically prepare for "sophisticated" level-matched bypassing rather than for general usage. I would still welcome mentioned general soft bypass.
I'm also quite used to balance things by ear if it is necessary. And i frequently use my simple JS trimmer with +/- 12 dB range, which is also useful for gain staging and can by easily bypassed by similar script as spk77 posted to your thread.
But aside of my usage, it is great work.. Really nice to do all that stuff in JS. Modular approach, adjustable RMS windows, meters, standardized loudness measurement functions with K filters. My hats off to you!

FRs: Better FX bypass
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Default Great idea!

I would also suggest adding this feature to the track control panel fx button's right-click menu!

Or placing a bypass checkbox, in that menu, next to the effects' name, which would be greyed out/marked, when automated (this is an another feature I miss from Reaper).
The mixer control panel already has this function, but on some smaller resolution displays, this can be hard to achieve, especially when you have a lot of plugins loaded on a track.

This way, we should no longer open the plugin GUI (which can take some time in some cases) or the MCP for a simple bypass...
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I think the glitch free thing should be a tick box in reaper preferences menu "keep FX running while bypassed"
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Cool, suggestion! +1
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Sounds great +1
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+ add in/out - volume knobs for equal loudness ABing
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+1 for "keep FX running while bypassed"!
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This still hasn't been implemented. 😒
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Bumping soft bypass.
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I agree this is an important routine task and to use the % knob is to complex to keep focused on the sound properly. Bypassing should be as easy as pressing a hotkey or button.
You ideas are well presented and make sense to me.
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I'm afraid it is not possible in reaper because of PDC. Only if just keep plugin working, but adjust smoothly it's dry/wet knob via deferred script with predefined smoothing time (of course with storing wet states of individual plugins into project external state). But technically it is not a bypass.

EDIT: see mpl_Toggle soft pseudo bypass focused FX.lua in reapack
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Default Bump

This is definitely a feature I would like, to use especially with plugins which have latency, so when I switch them in or out. there is no glitch which affects my perception of the transition.

i.e I am better able to hear what the change is between toggling the plugin(on or off)

The challenge I see with such a feature is that it has to be implemented in the plugin FX list.

At this time, the plugin window frame has only enable/disable with a checkbox, and no other Reaper empowered facility to change the plugin state. Nothing wrong with this, that functionality should remain exactly the same, no change needed.

At this time (version 5), and I think this has not been changed in version 6, the additional functionality to manage plugins, is included in the FX List window, and these include :

1. Toggle Selected FX bypass (which does the same thing as the toggle described above, in the FX window frame provided by Reaper)

2. Toggle Selected FX Online, which is only found in the FX list window.

What I suggest is that a 3rd Toggle be added :

3. Toggle Selected FX - "PDC Synced Bypass"., and the checkbox will have a new background different from the enabled e.g an X.

This way each plugin has two levels of states

State A which has three possible values - Audio Enabled

1. Bypassed - i.e completely bypassed with no PDC of the affected plugin added to the audio (this already exists)

2. Bypasseed - PDC Synced using an X symbol i.e bypassed audio is PDC synced to the PDC of the plugin, and audio is still being sent to the plugin., but the audio output of the plugin is replaced with the audio input.

3. Enabled - i.e enabled with PDC, (this already exists)

STATE B takes the plugin from whatever settings it had in State A, to offline, and back whichever of the A states the plugin had been set to.

Especially as we now have lots of plugins which use latency to hide their inefficencies or augment their processing, or need to be linear phase, there will be no more glitches using the Bypass with PDC synced option.
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