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Default Who knows the GENKI Wave and how it works ?

I finally got the Genki wave ring ordered almost 2 years ago on indiegogo.
It is desingned to add controls on your playing by ading midi messages with gestures or movements.
Here is the link https://genkiinstruments.com/
I dont know how and where to insert it in reaper, is that an effect ? a controller? but where is it ?
Can somebody help ?
Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the Reaper Forums.

Supposedly you want to use the device for Live performing. Hence you should take a look at the "Live" subforum and especially the sticky thread over there.

In fact Reaper (or any DAW) is just supposed to transport / record / play back / manage audio and Midi information and hence first you need to develop a clear concept of what you want to accomplish and then start to "design" your "instrument" using Reaper as one of the tools for this. Depending on your goal, rather likely you will need a bunch of additional "tools" to accomplish it. (E.g. I once saw a video with someone using the Genki do "bow" with a virtual violin plugin. )

Regarding "connecting" the Genki, to allow Reaper (or any appropriate 3rd party software) to see it, the hardware needs to come with a driver that creates a Midi software device in your computer OS.


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