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Default Help: Using custom JS plugin to toggle sends/receives

I like to toggle different sends in the FX Insert window via multiple instances of a custom JS plugin. Its fast and keeps me out of the routing menu. Goes a little something like this:

Track - Snare. I want to send it to either of two busses, depending on what flavor I want. I toggle my JS plugin, instance 1 with selected input pins 1/2 output 5/6, or instance 2; in 1/2 out 7/8.
Track - Busses. There's a real send/receive already set up, receiving 5/6 from Snare to 1/2 on itself, same on the other bus (7/8 - 1/2). No sound is output in 5/6 or 7/8 until the JS plugin enables the pins, letting audio through. Makes sense to me.

HOWEVER: 1/2 still output on the Snare track though they are not selected.

The code is literally only naming the pins so I can access them, it just says MIDI otherwise:

in_pin: left input
in_pin: right input
out_pin: left output
out_pin: right output

How can I mute 1/2 on the Snare after enabling the Toggle/pins/sending the audio? My current option is adding a Volume Adjustment after it turned down, and I link the Bypass parameter to the Toggle.

Is there already a JS plugin I am missing? I've tried but perhaps am using incorrectly every Mixer/Router/Matrix I have. Thank you!
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Add any plug to 1-2, and disable output pins. Or make jsfx that outputs nothing.
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Because by default 1/2 out is connected to Master/Parent. If you want to send its output 1/2 other than 1/2, you must disable its Master/Parent sends.

If I understand correctly this is a better job for ReaScript.
  • create a selection of Buses with a pre-defined name.
  • write scripts to toggle selected tracks sends to those Buses (using the buses name as identifier)
  • one script for each buses. Add all of them to custom toolbar.
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