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Default Sneaker netting Reaper Consolidated Files

I've been working away in my "air gap" sort of studio with Reaper and have lately completed a beginning phase of my project, and so I've made a Consolidated File. Now it's time for me to take the song/project over to other studios to do those things that I cannot back in my air gap home studio.

As so advised, I made a desktop Folder in which to deposit the consolidated files when creating the c. file. Among the consolidated WAV Files and consolidated wav.repeaks Files that I put in the Folder I included a Studio Notes Text Document for reference, so I really want to make sure that I have my facts straight before busy engineers get reading it.

This was the first time that I had ever made a "Consolidated File" and as it happened for one reason or the other I came to need to go through the, "Consolidate/Export tracks" process more than once.

My plan is to purchase a USB-SSD -put the song's consolidated file folder into the portable SSD with USB-C and then take it into another studio.

I know that I have all of the 7 track's consolidated WAV Files and consolidated wav.repeaks files in the Folder. I included a File Folder in the desktop folder from the first time I did the Consolidate/Export tracks process. In it is only the song's 7 track's consolidated WAV Files and consolidated wav.repeaks files that I got in an orderly list. As well I also have such WAV Files and wav.repeaks files in the desktop folder list from another Consolidate/Export tracks effort. I don't know if it's important, but also "-stem-glued 18.wav repeaks REPEAKS File" and "-stem-glued 18.wav WAV FILE" also were found included.
The thing is, I also included a REAPER Project File and REAPER Back up Project File, thinking that that might be of some usefulness or convenience to whoever may be working on it in the future in another studio.

But then I recalled something in a Tonebone Marone tutorial that makes me wonder whether I should even bother to include the REAPER Project File and REAPER Back up Project File. These files probably only work when the Folder is in my PC. (?)

If this is so, then I don't want to include them in my "Sneaker Net" SSD-USB-C Folder, and make any references in the studio notes text document.

I think, perhaps all I need to worry about is getting the consolidated WAV Files over to the other studio. (?)

Does anyone have a preferred portable drive? They say the SSDs are the best for audio.

Thank you for your time and consideration
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