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Default [6.67] Bug (?) with multiple sends (MIDI/audio + track folder) (easy workaround)

Hello everyone,

i encountered what seems a bug to me recently, so i'm posting here to keep a track from this, in case it happens to someone else.

It is a very specific situation, and i found a very easy solution to it, so it really just is for information. Also, it's my first post please correct me if i make any mistakes.


There is a folder track, named BUS. It contains two sub-tracks : the 1st one receives MIDI input from the 2nd one and sends audio to it.

Both of them have the "parent send" option activated, but it behaves the same way if they are connected to the BUS track via specific sends.

To make this possible, i had to activate the "Allow feedbacks in routing" in the Advanced tab of the project's properties.


I wanted to send the audio passing through the 2nd sub-track (and coming from the 1st one) into the first track of my project (named "Before" in the project here). This track is the first track in the track order. So i add a new send in the 2nd track routing and link it to Before.

Here is a recap of all the sends :

Subtrack 1 ----> Subtrack 2 ----> BUS -------> MASTER
. .|. . . . . . . . . . . . | |
...└---<--MIDI------┘ └--------> Before ----> MASTER

The problem is, there is no audio coming out from the 2nd sub-track. It sends midi to the 1st subtrack, the 1st subtrack properly generates audio, but then the 2nd track does not send audio to "Before" or to "BUS".

It behaves exactly as if it were muted, but it is displayed as active.


I think there might be a kind of protection here, like preventing feedbacks though i disabled it, or something like that.

Anyway, it seems that everything works fine if i send the 2nd sub-track in a new track placed AFTER the BUS track folder in the track order (the "After" track in the project i send).

So this "bug" only occurs when i'm trying to send audio to a previous track in the track order. I'm not sure if this is a bug or the normal way reaper works, but i never came across situations in which the way tracks are ordered impacts the way they display audio.

In the end, the solution is easy (it took me a bit of time to figure it out though ^^), just drag your target track down in the track list and everything is fine.

Hope i was clear enough !

Have fun
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