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Default ReaScreen? Native Screen + Audio Capture Output?

It'd be marvelously useful for people wanting to share the screen for any number of reasons. I understand LiceCap is a thing, but to have it integrated in Reaper, perhaps as a setting in 'File > Save Live Output To Disk', or even better would be an extra icon on the toolbar. One click and it's done.

For people wanting to make demos, tutorials, plugin reviews, testing and bug reporting it'd be very handy.

Please consider integrating, if at all possible =)

Thanks for all,
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We need this yesterday! OBS just broke. REAPER could handle it all for the streamers
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Human being with feelings
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My initial thoughts would be first to have it be able to combine the audio from Reaper, with a screen capture of Reaper - and output it live to disk, or bounce it if already recorded in Reaper.

example 1.
I want to play guitar live through a few plugins, an amp sim etc, and record that as a video with audio > to disk.

example 2.

A live recording of a person speaking into a microphone, whilst explaining how to use Reaper - a demonstration... eg. Kenny Goia / Jon Tidey / Myk / Arya etc.

example 3.

Demonstrating a problematic or buggy behaviour, including audio if necessary, and it saves live to disk as a screen capture with the audio.


To also be able to live stream it to anywhere online, would be mega useful too...Yeah that'd be pretty immense.

I'd first hope for just a really no-nonsense way to make a demonstration video with audio, about anything happening on screen in Reaper.

Thanks for bumping the feature request Pipeline!

All the best
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