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Default XTouch Help

I recently bought an XTouch in hopes to use it with Reaper. I am using the latest version of Reaper and Mac OS X Mojave on a MacBook Pro. The X-Touch has the latest firmware installed.

I can get a connection to the XTouch tru the USB connection, however nothing lights up on the XTouch. The XTouch faders will control faders in Reaper, however as soon as you release a fader on the XTouch, it returns to zero and as soon as you touch it again it will bring the fader in Reaper to zero. There is jog/shuttle/play/stop control however no information appears in the time/bars display.

I have connected it to my pc laptop and it works just as it should. Using windows 10 on the laptop. The laptop is an i5 and limited on memory. It starts having issues when trying to use multiple fx, which is why I am using my MacBook Pro.

I have read everything I can find on multiple forums and can not find any information concerning setting up Reaper/XTouch on a Mac. Any help or direction would be appreciated.
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Sorry no one has been able to assist you nor I, but I will chime in if you are still there.

FWIW, I use the X-Touch on PC with Reaper with *no* problems and it works very well and kind of like plug-n-play with only a few settings to get started.

I had a thread a few months back titled X-Touch with some details in it but unfortunately it probably won't be helpful to you.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by JustAPlowboy View Post
I recently bought an XTouch
Which one ? There are at least four XTouch products by Behringer. all of them have been mentioned in the "CSI" Thread in this forum. I don't know if there is a Mac Version of CSI, though.

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Default x touch

Im using my x touch with Mac OS high sierra (yes I dont wanna upgrade yet) and its working perfectly fine . Could be an usb cable defect , like not transmitting properly ...maybe.
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