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Default EDL equivalent in Reaper

Post-production question. Is there a way to export session data like the "session info as Text" option in Pro Tools (EDL)? People on the production side often need precise music usage of a TV show. As music usage sometime changes during the mixing process, the editing software data is no more reliable.
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There are a few Tommy Robinson fans in the lounge
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The question has come up a few times before:




And a few others -- just do a Google search for "export EDL in Reaper" and you'll find them.
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You should consider Vordio Third party tool for reaper <-> video editor workflow.
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It isn't exactly an EDL, but I believe there is a way to export a .CSV file from the Region/Marker Window. I don't have Reaper open in front of me currently, but I think there might also be either actions or a script to generate markers based on selected items and label them based on the file name... If i'm correct in this, you could create a single keystroke macro to generate a .CSV file that could be imported directly into a NLE system or a spreadsheet which should cover all the bases for a music cue sheet.
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