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Default Mixer compability

I have a friend who is getting into home recording. He downloaded NCH Wavpad. I recommended Reaper. So he's going to install Reaper. So here's where I need some guidance.

He is using a Mackie Pro FXV2 mixer.
Can someone tell me how he can use this with Reaper and what his limitations are, if any?
Will he be better of using the NCH software or is Reaper his best choice?

I'm hoping Reaper will be the best for him because I can help him to understand it where as with the NCH software I know nothing about it. Also we'll be able to share tracks and work on them in or own studios.

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The Mackie will act like any basic 2ch USB audio interface. He will be able to record stereo (or mono) from the mixer and playback Reaper to the mixer over USB.

If he will want to create multitrack songs then Wavepad isn't going to get far, it's an audio editor not a DAW. But it will be a lot easier to use than Reaper!
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