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Default Why doesn't this work, no sound when make a folder, but works as regular track.

So I have a case, where I add an midi instrument that has multiple channels, like a drum sampler. So that all works, and I get 1 track that houses VST and midi track, and then 1 track for every stereo pair. The problem I have is I can't organize this, as now I have up to 16 tracks in top level. So the most obvious thought, is I try to make the top level track that houses the vst a folder track, so that I can hide all the output tracks, but if I do that sound is no longer routed to master. But if I make it level with other tracks it works. The routing panel looks the same before and after making it a folder, so I don't know.

Any ideas?
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it's preventing you from making a feedback loop. instrument sends out to other tracks, then the tracks are going back into track input when you make it a folder.

You can put a track above named drums and make that the folder, with the vsti track inside.
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In the project settings there is a checkbox that lets you do this. Be careful though, since you might create a feedback loop.

Here’s how I do this using Kontakt:
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