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Default Pitch range on Midi Items/Tracks

I posted a question in the Compatibility forum at the end of January asking for ideas about how best to match the range of notes in a midi item or track to the key range of a specific Kontakt instrument to check if all notes can be played. I didn't get any helpful answers, and it's not clear to me why this isn't a common problem. Anyway, I checked whether any existing scripts might help and the closest I could find are two eel scripts by X-Raym that select the highest and lowest notes respectively in the active take. What I'd like would be one script which would simply display the note values of the highest and lowest notes (or maybe highlight the keys on the keyboard of the piano roll, so the values could be quickly compared to the Kontakt instrument. It also would be great to have the option to either work on all selected items, or on the selected track as well as a selected item.

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