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Default Did I blunder my first band project?

I've been recording my band.

Session 1:
Track 1-midi over usb to one track from Yamaha dtx-502 edrum kit
Track 2-scratch rhythm guitar

Recorded two songs in one project, and I set different tempo markers for each song.

Then I did some midi editing of the drum tracks because the pads were triggering unexpected samples in the vsti. I did some EQing of the audio out of the drums.

Session 2:
-tracked some vocals for song 1. Then singer tells me that it's in a different key than usual?!? Sure enough all of a sudden it's up by at least a whole tone. If we assume the guitar was in tune in seasion one and played in the normal key (the singer is the rhythm guitarist afterall), any ideas as to how I could have accidentally changed the pitch without changing the tempo??? It's the same for both songs.

Even the right page of the manual would help :S
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Look down at the base of the screen did you knock the play rate lever with your mouse down there? Should be set at 1

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