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Default Lowering volume question?


When using Bias FX 2 plug in on my guitar tracks, I cant lower the volume of a segment on the track. Volume envelope doesnt work.

Its either full volume, or none at all.

I have found a way around this, and its to add a volume envelope to the entire track and then split that, adjust the the volume there.

But I would rather not do that, I want to adjust volumes with separate envelopes as its designed.

Additionally, my guitar tracks through Bias FX 2 dont seem to have the ability to fade out?

Anyone know why?

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I’m guessing you’re trying to adjust the Take or Item volume which happens before Bias. If there’s much of any distortion (most people call it gain) happening in the amp sim, then adjusting the volume before it might change the character of the distortion, but it won’t affect the perceived output volume hardly at all. That’s how distortion works.

If you want to turn it down after it’s distorted, then turn it down after it’s distorted! That’ll be the track volume envelope that you were able to make work. You could show that on the items instead of its own lane if that helps.

Otherwise you’re going to have to “bounce” the effected audio to audio items (probably via “Apply Track/Take FX...”) to get exactly what you asked for. There’s nothing wrong with that really. If you’re done tweaking the amp sound, then just print it and move on. Make sure to reset any changes you’ve previously made before and bypass or remove the amp sim after.
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