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Originally Posted by KevinW View Post
So, am I to understand that when we use the new action to insert Reaeq, that the parameters will automatically be mapped to a specific controller? That would be nice (though not necessarily for Reaeq, but it's a start).
Sort of, but not exactly (as far as I understand). Depending on the OSC configuration, it is possible to target the parameters of the first instance of ReaEQ in a track using a fixed set of OSC message patterns, which can in turn be linked to a controller.

(I don't think it matters at all how the plugin has been inserted.)

Originally Posted by KevinW View Post
We already have SWS actions to insert a certain number of your favorite plugins (limited to a dozen plus or minus, IIRC). So I'm hoping that I'm understanding you correctly and that this new action does something more than just insert the plugin on the track.

I'll have to test this out later tonight...
I don't think the action does anything else than just insert the plugin though.

Fwiw, I'd rather look at control surface protocols and implementations such as Klinke's MCU plugin for comparison instead of those SWS actions.
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interesting. so i had the jumping play cursor again and thought i'd record it- it was there for me to see but the recording doesn't show it. what happens is, my edit cursors stays parked, the play cursor moves to the middle of the arrange. as soon as it hits the middle and scrolling starts, a thin line appears near the edit cursor and it moves it's location back and forth, but always staying near the edit cursor (to the right). this happened with a project that took about 50-60% of cpu power on my macbook (osx 10.6.8). my preferences are set to fast UI update, so that's not something i'd like to see here.
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Not sure if this regarding this build but here is the bug i've found

Happen on collapsed tracks
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