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Default v4.25rc2 - July 8 2012

v4.25rc2 - July 8 2012
(rc2) # DDP: re-enabled 8 bit chars in strings
(rc2) # Tempo envelope: fixed minor problems when editing individual points
+ Actions: added action to insert ReaEQ on a track, get/set ReaEQ parameters
+ Actions: fixed action to insert time and paste items
+ API: added CreateNewMIDIItemInProject function
+ API: added function to insert tempo/time signature changes
+ AU: fix for Waves loading crashes
+ AU: support for plug-ins that receive MIDI sysex
+ Crossfades: fixed unwanted creation of crossfade when editing the other edge of a media item
+ DDP support: improvements (MD5, CD-TEXT support, UTF-8/ascii conversion)
+ Colortheme: tweaks to default theme
+ Envelopes: fixed persistence of preference to reset automation mode after writing automation
+ EULA: amended to make it clear that developing and selling plug-ins and extensions is allowed
+ External editors: dedicated action for opening associated projects in REAPER
+ External editors: improved external editor display/running logic, associated project references are fallbacks rather than prioritized
+ Faster REAPER shutdown process (can also reduce crashes on exit on OSX)
+ Freeze: fixed support for freeze in undo states (broken since 4.20)
+ FX envelopes: store special flag for wet/bypass envelopes in case plug-in parameter counts change
+ FX learn: support for toggle mode (toggle an FX parameter on/off with a single mapping)
+ JS: better support for UTF-8 filenames
+ JS: fixed bug where increasing track channels during playback with PDC-JS could cause dropouts
+ JS: fixed loop() behavior with negative counts on x86-64
+ JS: fixed some unuseful order of operation behaviors relating to certain operators
+ JS: import file support for code usability (use .jsfx-inc, these files will not be shown in the FX browser)
+ JS: for .jsfx-inc files, just use @init with functions plus any global initialization needed
+ JS: import can also be used to import other FX and provide the ability to override individual code sections
+ JS: improved code generation, most JS FX should now run substantially faster
+ JS: improved handling of doubleclicks in @gfx
+ JS: improved sizing behavior on OSX
+ JS: improvements to JSFX IDE/editor
+ JS: sent/received MIDI messages are now forced to be sorted by time
+ JS: support for new language constructs (functions, object-namespaces, xor operations, etc)
+ LTC generator: support for 23.976fps (though this is nonstandard)
+ MIDI editor: zoom behavior fixes in certain instances
+ MIDI loop recording: MIDI recording within a time selection optionally creates a selection-length media item
+ MIDI note properties: accepts manual note input (not just using the dropdown)
+ MIDI: optimizations to MIDI item processing when using large blocks with lots of tempo changes
+ Navigator: do not show tempo changes (only time signature markers are displayed)
+ OSC: support for older client implementations when handling messages with no arguments
+ OSC: support for track EQ parameters and feedback
+ Playback seek: settings moved to new Preferences/Audio/Seeking page
+ Preferences: split Envelopes page into separate Envelope Display and Automation Behavior pages
+ Region/Marker Manager: edit marker/region numbers, start, end, length in place in the list view
+ Region/Marker Manager: support for importing/exporting text or csv file
+ Regions: actions to go to another region after the current region finishes playing (smooth seek)
+ Regions: fixed action to delete region near cursor
+ Scrolling: option for continuous scrolling during playback
+ Take lanes: action to collapse empty take lanes
+ Take lanes: do not create unnecessary extra take lanes when punching in
+ Tempo envelope: action/dialog to adjust entire tempo map to a target tempo
+ Tempo envelope: default project timebase is now beats (existing projects are not affected)
+ Tempo envelope: disallowed freehand drawing for the master tempo envelope
+ Tempo envelope: disallowed moving one tempo/time signature marker past another
+ Tempo envelope: easier marquee/selection of master tempo envelope points
+ Tempo envelope: editing multiple points at once applies the change proportionally (not +/- constant BPM)
+ Tempo envelope: markers are always pinned to beat position rather than time
+ Tempo envelope: per-marker setting for allowing a partial measure prior to the marker
+ Tempo envelope: playback position obeys project timebase (time or beats) when user edits project tempo during playback
+ Tempo envelope: saner manual editing of tempo changes when "gradually transition tempo" is enabled
+ Tempo envelope: visual BPM range of envelope can be configured
+ Tempo envelope: visual display of time signature change points is different from tempo change points
+ Time signatures: manual editing requires them to be placed at the start of a measure
+ Time signatures: automatically correct time signatures when adding/removing partial measures from the project
+ Time signatures: time signature changes that truncate the previous measure are displayed in the ruler with an asterisk
+ Time signatures: with snap disabled, moving time signature markers will optionally modify the preceding tempo
+ Time signatures: with snap enabled, time signature changes snap to bars, tempo changes snap to grid
+ Toolbars: improved double-width toolbar button image scaling
+ WALTER: support for knob bitmap stacks
+ WALTER: theme layout lines can end in backslash to extend statement to next line
+ WALTER: transport status better supports layout images
+ WALTER: user-defined font support, other improvements
+ WINE: fixed support for non-conforming CallWindowProcW (still calls ASCII combobox wndproc when passed, unlike Win7/XP)
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