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Default Changing BPM causes arrange window jump / scroll

It can be quite confusing when zoomed in on bigger projects and you find yourself in a totally different position after changing the tempo.
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I experience also something could be better when changing tempo via incoming program change, going to oscii-bot, converting to osc, going to reaper as osc, then changing its bpm via a program_change_to_bpm table. Not sure if there is any combination of settings where bpm changes feel most natural, for the outgoing sound. (I am only interested in audio output (of course using midi as well), also during such bpm changes). And if this audio output can be kept as stable/fluid as possible? No matter how often I change the bpm? Reaper could try switching the bpm at each beat (1/4) position maybe? Or at each bar position? Something like seeking but for bpm changes? Does any such functionality exist already? If yes, where are the hidden / secret settings?
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